Our very own 2nd selection of essays, and therefore is targeted on women editors, starts with Carmen Roentgen

Our very own 2nd selection of essays, and therefore is targeted on women editors, starts with Carmen Roentgen

Lugo-Lugo’s “Addressing brand new Colonial Standing using Sex: Sessions on the Puerto Rico’s Governmental Predicament away from People Editors,” a reflection with the literature once the a hack with the image and you will discussion away from queer nationality and of colonialism and you may anti-colonialism. In this interesting section, Lugo-Lugo also offers a helpful talk of Puerto Rican queer education, growing on Frances Negron-Muntaner’s claim that Puerto Rico was “among the many world’s politically queerest towns” (2007, 1) as well as on Negron-Muntaner’s wedding with W.Elizabeth.B. Du Bois’s idea of “twice awareness.”

Lugo-Lugo spends the thought of “governmental queerness” to talk about strategies for the latest settlement regarding colonialism from the texts regarding two experts, Ana Lydia Vega and you may Mayra Santos-Febres. She also observes Puerto Ricans stepping into “All over the world North pull” while offering an expansive look at queerness: “Queerness is all about asserting and you can embracing ways of becoming and you may operating which might be deemed deviant by popular ideologies.” At exactly the same time, she engages brand new blog site out of Lawrence Los angeles Water fountain-Stokes, Yolanda Martinez-San Miguel, Juana Maria Rodriguez, and you may Ruben Rios Avila, and you may talks about Ana Lydia Vega’s vegetarianism due to the fact presented in good cronica from inside the El tramo ancla (1991) once the a great queer anticolonial position, contrasting that it into the functions regarding publicly lesbian natural farm/veggie Tara Rodriguez Besosa off Este Departamento de la Comida. (11) Fundamentally, Lugo-Lugo talks about Sirena Selena (2000) of the Mayra Santos-Febres.

Llado Ortega highlights Arroyo Pizarro’s increased exposure of monthly period bloodstream (like Sophie Large’s analysis) and on you, reflecting fluidity and you will way one think ladies matchmaking to their authorities as a space from several choice, not limited or bound to essentialist conceptions

We then proceed to about three academic essays with the literary and activist functions of your own prolific Puerto Rican lesbian writer Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro. In her essay “Este activismo queer, feminista y decolonial durante los angeles literatura de Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro: por un pensamiento de- los angeles Relacion,” French scholar Sophie Highest, in earlier times recognized for the woman look to your Central and you can Southern American lady people, centers around an expansive corpus from functions by the latest Puerto Rican journalist, also of several brief stories and ). Just like the small reports and you may novels might seem at first glance homonormative (after the heteronormative events), Large argues for lots more state-of-the-art readings off subversion, reflecting intertextual rewritings (for example, Violeta due to the fact an excellent rewriting out of Caparazones) and you will questionable themes, like that of menstruation otherwise such as for example menstrual blood, and that recurs in lot of brief reports from inside the varied ways. Highest is specially trying to find the latest affairs ranging from functions, showing Edouard Glissant’s maxims from relationality and opacity and you will Homi K. Bhabha’s impression of your ambivalence out-of mimetism, writing on the fresh “coherencia epistemologica” (epistemological coherence) of Arroyo Pizarro’s works. Higher cities Arroyo Pizarro when it comes to Latin-american decolonial feminism, reflecting data like the Dominican theorists Ochy Curiel and you will Yuderkis Espinosa Minoso, the newest Argentinean-Western erican Breny Mendoza, and also the Brazilian Sueli Carneiro. She and factors to Arroyo Pizarro and also to Zulma Oliveras Vega’s activism and you will public visibility because the spokespersons to own lesbians and a lot more generally brand new LGBTQ neighborhood for the Puerto Rico.

Flattering these two essays, Elena Valdez also provides a virtually studying of one off Arroyo Pizarro’s most readily useful gotten performs: the woman 2013 unique Violeta (“Visibilizando los angeles sexodiversidad: el contrapunteo de- la mononormatividad y los poliamores durante Violeta de- Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro”)

Meanwhile, Monica C. Llado Ortega, in “El cuerpo y la praxis del flujo dentro de la narrativa de- Yolanda Arroyo Pizarro,” analyzes around three regarding Arroyo Pizarro’s besuchen Sie die Website hier courses out-of short tales: Lesbofilias (2014), Menorragia: Histerias de- ), concentrating on streams (conceptual, physical, metaphorical) and you may liquids, such as the ones from the body. Enjoyable the brand new theoretic design regarding Judith Butler and you may Rosi Braidotti, mcdougal assesses how Arroyo Pizarro’s composing demands heteronormativity.

Valdez contends that Arroyo Pizarro’s works undermines the brand new heterosexual matrix from Puerto Ricanness, and this produces monogamy, heteropatriarchal household members, together with experience of kinships and you may motherhood because the forcefully imposed to your feminine sexuality. Centered on Valdez, this new sexual dissidence from Arroyo Pizarro’s lesbian letters favors the fresh new manufacturing away from intimately varied environments and polyamory meanwhile given that this new juxtaposition of the sensual self-reliance and you will racial stress create visible the fresh new feel off Afro-Puerto Rican lesbians.

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